Board of Directors

CVR Medical - Paul Blunden, M.D.

Paul Blunden, M.D.

President & Director

Dr. Blunden is a board certified physician in obstetrics and gynecology with over twenty years in practice. Currently acting as the vice president and partner of a large multi-million dollar multi-provider practice servicing urban, suburban and rural patients. He has previously served as a department chairman for a major health system and has been a member of the executive leadership committee focused on fiscal management, quality improvement and recruiting. Mr. Blunden specializes in both Micro and Macro level managerial decision making with an emphasis on patient care and efficient business/medical coalescing.

CVR Medical - Joe Lynch

Joseph Lynch


Mr. Lynch has a 25-year track record of successfully creating and developing businesses from the ground up. As the current CEO of Creative Security Systems, Inc. a privately held company of 25 years he has held multiple state licenses and has brought the company from startup to working for the largest home builders in Florida. He has increased the company’s presence receiving contracts in multiple states throughout the East coast. In the past 15 years he has been involved with multiple startups developing business plans and creating relationships with clients and vendors. He has been a Director of a privately held Medical company for over 12 years. He has extensive experience interfacing with clients, leadership, and organizational development. His background in business management and capitalization has been combined with years of hands on leadership experience in the tech industries.

CVR Medical - Phil Bendick, Ph.D.

Phil Bendick, Ph.D.


Dr. Bendick received his BS and MS from MIT and his PhD from Stanford University. As an Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at Purdue University from 1973 to 1975 he helped establish the Medical Ultrasound Research Laboratory and worked on the development of random signal processing techniques for blood flow detection and measurement, precursors to today’s coded excitation and B-flow techniques. Dr. Bendick became involved with the clinical application of ultrasound with his move in 1976 to the Indiana University Medical Center in Indianapolis, where he established the non-invasive Vascular Laboratories for the University Hospital, Wishard Memorial Hospital (county hospital) and the VA Hospital. In 1986 he moved to William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan as both Director of Peripheral Vascular Diagnostic Center and Director of Surgical Research, all while establishing the Vascular Lab at Beaumont, which performs over 25,000 non-invasive vascular studies per year.

CVR Medical - Trish Howell

Trish Howell


Trish Howell is currently Vice President, Manufacturing at Avail Medsystems, Inc. Ms. Howell has approximately thirty years’ experience leading operations functions in multiple industries. She also serves as an Independent Director and Audit Committee member of Knightscope, Inc., where she was appointed in January 2022. From December 2019 to February 2021, Ms. Howell was Vice President of Operations at Stryker Corporation (formerly ZipLine Medical, where she held the same role from 2016-2019). From 2013-2016, Ms. Howell served as Vice President of Operations at Pulmonx Corporation where she led Manufacturing, Quality and Supply Chain for the company's diagnostic device and therapeutic implant products for Interventional Pulmonology. Prior to Pulmonx, Trish served as Vice President of Materials Management at ArthroCare Corporation, scaling the global logistics infrastructure and launching a greenfield manufacturing facility in Costa Rica. From 1988 to 2003, Ms. Howell spent 15 years in the automotive industry, predominantly with Ford Motor Company. Ms. Howell holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan and an MBA in Finance from the University of Michigan-Dearborn. She is also a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors.


The Reimbursement and Payer Committee:

The Board has determined that all of the prospective members of the Reimbursement an Payor Committee are “independent,” as defined by NASDAQ listing standards. The responsibility of the Reimbursement and Payor  Committee is to review, set, draft and approve the reimbursement protocols with the government agencies and payors.  The Reimbursement & Payor Committee has also been appointed by the board.


The Development Plan Oversight Committee:

The Board has determined that all of the prospective members of the Development Plan Oversight Committee are “independent,” as defined by NASDAQ listing standards. The responsibility of the Development Plan Oversight Committee is to review, set, draft and approve the Development Plan between CVR Medical and CVR Global and to provide all oversight pertaining to milestones achieved against GAANT, payment and subsequent audit of all invoices received for services performed by CVR Global and to make any recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding any changes to the Development Plan needed.


The Audit Committee:

The Audit Committee consists of Trish Howell, Dr. Phil Bendick and Joseph Lynch. The board has determined that all of the members of the Audit Committee are “independent,” as defined by the NASDAQ listing standards and by applicable SEC rules. .  The function of the Audit Committee relates to oversight of the auditors, the auditing, accounting, and financial reporting processes, and the review of the Company’s financial reports and information. In addition, the functions of the Audit Committee will include, among other things, recommending to the board the engagement or discharge of independent auditors, discussing with the auditors their review of the Company’s quarterly results and the results of their audit, and reviewing the Company’s internal accounting controls.

Dr. Phil Bendick
Trish Howell, Chair
Joseph Lynch

The Compensation Committee:

The Board has determined that all of the prospective members of the Compensation Committee are “independent,” as defined by NASDAQ listing standards. The responsibility of the Compensation Committee is to review and approve the compensation and other terms of employment of our Chief Executive Officer and our other executive officers, including all of the executive officers named in the Summary Compensation Table under the heading “Executive Compensation” below (the “Named Executive Officers”). Among its other duties, the Compensation Committee oversees all significant aspects of the Company’s compensation plans and benefit programs. The Compensation Committee annually reviews and approves corporate goals and objectives for the Chief Executive Officer’s compensation and evaluates the Chief Executive Officer’s performance in light of those goals and objectives. The Compensation Committee also recommends to the Board the compensation and benefits for members of the board. The Compensation Committee has also been appointed by the board to administer our Stock Option Plan. The Compensation Committee does not delegate any of its authority to other persons.


The Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee:

The committee members are independent under applicable NASDAQ rules and regulations. The Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee is responsible for, among other things, considering potential board members, making recommendations to the full board as to nominees for election to the board, assessing the effectiveness of the board and implementing our corporate governance guidelines.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and Insider Trading Policy

Our board of directors will adopt a Code of Ethical Conduct and an Insider Trading Policy.


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